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The registration and payment deadline, for all courses, is 10 days prior to the start of the course.

Baking With A Twist
Learn all the simple fall basic classics, from homemade apple pie to baklava. Every week we make a fresh classic with a twist on today's taste.

Fee: $125 18 hours (6 weeks)

Cake Decorating
This course will cover the use of decorating papers, bags, tubes, and colors. The basic application of borders, flowers, and sprays. Piping gel, assorted designs, and shaped cakes will also be covered. Students must purchase their own equipment and icing, except for the first class.

Fee: $95 15 hours (5 weeks)
#4001-02 March 20, 2017 M 6-9pm

Cake Decorating Advanced
This course continues where Cake Decorating finishes. Taking your cake d├ęcor to new heights, getting more creative with your decorating skills and ideas. Continuing on what was taught in the first cake decorating class.

Fee: $95 15 hours (5 weeks)
#4002-02 April 24, 2017 M 6-9pm

Cooking for a Healthy Diet

You made a promise to yourself, so learn to cook healthy to meet your weight loss goals for the year.

Fee: $95 12 hours (4 weeks)
#4043-02 May 4, 2017 TH 6-9pm

Cookie and Candy Bakeshop
Each student will learn to make a variety of cookies and candies. A swap will take place at the end of class. Bring a container for an assortment (3-4 dozen to be taken home). All supplies included in fee.

Fee: $50 3 hours (1 week)
#4039-02 April 27, 2017 TH 6-9pm

Gourmet Cooking
Fine dining made simple. Explore all types of cuisine, from the basics to the elaborate. Learn how to make gourmet meals at home.

Fee: $120 12.5 hours (5 weeks)
#4050-02 April 25, 2017 T 6:30-9pm


Soups, Stocks, and Sauces
A hands-on approach of how to prepare fantastic seasonal soups, stocks, and sauces.

Fee: $75 10 hours (4 weeks)


Senior Care Nutrition

This course will teach everything from basic portion sizes to cooking for your loved one.

Fee: $225 32 hours (4 weeks)
#4052-01 March 15, 2017 W/TH 6-10pm


ODH ServSafe Certification

Fee: $225 15 hours
#4060-02 January 9, 2017 M-T 6-10pm/ W-TH 6-9pm
#4060-03 March 6, 2017 M-T 6-10pm/ W-TH 6-9pm-Course full
#4060-033 March 20, 2017 M-T 6-10/W-TH 6-9pm-Please call for registration and payment
#4060-04 June 5, 2017 M-T 6-10pm/ W-TH 6-9pm